Reporting & Analytics for Higher Education

Academic Focus

At A. Lange Consulting, our primary focus is to address the unique reporting challenges faced by institutions of Higher Education.

In the 21st century, colleges and universities need  a robust, sustainable, and efficient reporting architecture; one that will offer actionable insights at all levels of the institution, while also automating outdated manual processes.

Lessons Learned

​We apply modern reporting technology coupled with the power of Business Intelligence (BI) methodology to seek lessons implicit in the data you already collect.

A. Lange Consulting specializes in creating the indepth network of reports and ataglance dashboards that can inform day-to-day decision-making, support institutional processes, and lay the foundation for future success.

Technical Expertise

A. Lange Consulting offers many years of experience providing Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics with a track record  of successful projects.

We support institutions in developing an effective analytics infrastructure through proficient consulting and training  in the latest SAP® BusinessObjects BI tools (Web Intelligence, Information Design Tool, Platform Administration), Tableau® dashboard, and Microsoft® Power BI dashboard services.



The services provided by A. Lange Consulting have allowed me to develop an efficient and sustainable infrastructure of reporting and analytics that is the envy of other community colleges in the state system. Mr. Lange is by far one of the most skilled and professional individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Aaron McVean
Dean of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness


Lake Tahoe Community College


Adam Lange took Lake Tahoe Community College from a lack of accurate and reliable data to having a highly functioning data warehouse.  He is competent, reliable, and responsive…one of the best technology consultants I have encountered.

Dr. Kindred Murillo
Superintendent & President


Western Wyoming Community College


Adam spent one week, in person, with our institution to help us correct some major issues with our reporting infrastructure and train our report writers. The results were unanimously spectacular as Adam quickly resolved every issue and efficiently trained our users. Adam trained everyone extensively; bringing competence, empowerment, and excitement to our Business Intelligence users. Our most beneficial outcome from A. Lange Consulting is the confidence gained in the reports that drive our decisions.

Derek Robinson
CIO and Director of Information Technology Services

Wyoming Community College Commission

WY Community College Commission


A. Lange Consulting continues to do a phenomenal job working with the seven community colleges in Wyoming and the Commission.  They are an invaluable resource as it relates to knowing the intricacies of utilizing higher education data.  They have been able to analyze data that exists within our data marts and create reports that allow the colleges and the commission to make data driven decisions with confidence.

Business Analytics Manager, Wyoming Community College Commission