Filtering Web Intelligence Queries Using External Lists


Your Universe query is now configured to pull the selected columns only for those people/IDs which appear in the cross-referenced Excel file.


Click Run Query and save the report.

In the future, your list of ID numbers may change and you’ll want your Excel file in BusinessObjects to reflect the latest version without breaking any of the existing reports that pull from that Excel file. To do this, update your local copy of the Excel file with the newest batch of ID numbers and save. Navigate to BI Launch Pad, right-click the Excel file you had uploaded previously, and select Organize > Replace File.


Select the Excel file from your local computer. Click the Replace button in the lower-right corner.


A warning message will appear. Click OK.


Any reports that were pointed to this Excel file will continue to work, but they will use the newest batch of ID numbers included in your file.

Using either of these two options above, we have the option to incorporate external data into our Web Intelligence reports. This comes in handy when our universes do not contain all of the data necessary to complete our reports.

Do you currently incorporate external data into your Web Intelligence reports? Are you aware of a 3rd (or more!) option to incorporate external data? Let us know. We’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Christina Dalton

    Thanks for the tutorial. It was easily to follow and really helped me increase my understanding and efficiency in Webi.