SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 SP3 Issue: Web Intelligence Subqueries Not Displaying Properly in HTML Mode

While performing a recent client migration from BO 4.1 to 4.2 SP3, we noticed something interesting in Web Intelligence reports containing subqueries.  The subqueries were not displaying all of their respective detail in the query panel when the report was opened in HTML modify mode.  The report would refresh and display the correct data, and the SQL generated by the report contained the full subquery, however the subquery appeared to be cutoff in the Query Filters pane of the query panel.

We investigated further, and noticed subqueries displayed properly when the report was opened in Java Applet modify mode.  This makes sense since users could only create subqueries in Java Applet mode until 4.2 SP3.  We researched further to see if this issue might be due to a bug in the new subquery functionality added to the HTML modify mode in 4.2 SP3.  Below are our findings.

Symptom: Subqueries are not displaying properly

The report is opened in Java Applet modify mode, and the subquery displays properly.  For example, the following subquery contains three conditions in the Where clause:

The Java Applet modify window for a subquery showing the three conditions of the where clause discussed in the article





When this same report is opened in HTML modify mode, only one of the conditions is displayed:

The same subquery HTML mode, displaying not three but one conditions





Impacted reports:

All Webi documents with subqueries created in the Java Applet modify mode, including 4.1 Webi documents migrated to 4.2 SP3, and reports created in 4.2 SP3.


This appears to be a visual-only issue since the query does return the correct data when the report is run in HTML modify mode.  Taking a look at the generated SQL statement in HTML modify mode, we see that all three conditions are in fact being processed when the query is run:

SQL statement in HTML reflecting correct information







There doesn’t appear to be any resolution right now to address reports created in Web Intelligence versions prior to 4.2 SP3.  However, if you create subqueries in HTML modify mode, these subqueries will display properly when viewed in either Java Applet or HTML modify mode.

Have you experienced this issue with Web Intelligence subqueries?  Let us know your thoughts and of any workaround you’ve had to implement to address this issue.


UPDATE: May 2017

This issue appears to be resolved for reports created in the recent 4.2 SP4 release.  The following subquery was designed in the 4.2 SP4 Java modify mode:

When this same subquery is viewed in the 4.2 SP4 HTML modify mode, all components of the sub query display as they do in the Java modify mode above:


  1. Scott Frank

    Do you have any updates to this from SAP? We were finally going to have all our users set to the HTML viewer by default, but then this issue was discovered and we set all users back to the Java tool by default. Is there an SAP note on this, or is there a fix?

    1. alangeconsulting

      SAP Note 2371871 addresses this bug. According to their documentation, the issue will be resolved in the next release: BI 4.2 SP4.